Bullet (1999)


He has the mind and temper of a young child, but when it comes to guns, Bullet (Cesar Montano) is as adept as a highly-trained marksman. But this very special talent comes into a harrowing play when Bullet and his young cousin witness a brutal murder perpetrated by a notorious gang. Out to eliminate any eyewitness, the gang goes after the two cousins. In their flight and eventual fight for life, Bullet and his cousin find a timely ally in Mabel (SUNSHINE CRUZ), an undercover cop assigned to encroach into the gangs operations. Together, Bullet and Mabel face a group not only mightier in size but in power…

Bullet Cast

Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Jay Manalo, Celia Rodriguez, Amy Austria, Rommel Montano, Daniella, Rufa Mae Quinto, Jethro Dionisio, Spanky Manikan, Cris Vertido, Precious Valencia, Don Pepot, Christian Alvear, Eugene Domingo


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