Isang Bala Ka Lang (1983)

Isang Bala Ka Lang

Berting (FPJ), a good cop tries his best to keep the oath that he made to his duty. After being convicted and jailed for twelve years for avenging his wife’s death, he swore to evade trouble and live a peaceful life with his daughter Angela (Julie Vega). But how long can he remain inaction if good people and the law do nothing as criminal elements continue to victimize innocent people?

Isang Bala Ka Lang Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Marianne de la Riva, Maggie Dela Riva, Julie Vega, Paquito Diaz, Johnny Wilson, Vic Diaz, Victor Bravo, Vic Varrion, Buddy Dator, King Gutierrez, Ernie David, Rene Hawkins, Amay Bisaya, Fred Montilla


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